PHS Islands Association 2013 Annual Survey

The Board of Directors is conducting our Annual Survey of residents in order to determine where to dedicate the Association’s time and resources in the coming year.  Your cooperation is requested by taking a few minutes to fill out this form and indicate those areas which are most important to you.  The Board places great  emphasis on the results of the survey.  In this way, we can ensure that we incorporate your desires into our work for 2013.

Each property gets one vote.  Please complete this opinion poll with your name & home address so your vote is counted!  Anonymous surveys will not be counted. 
Please respond by February 28, 2013.  Thank you!

Street Address  
City State 
E-mail Address  

Indicate the issues important to you by selecting YES next to the issue.

1. Gaming in Greater Miami & Miami Beach

2. MacArthur Causeway Concerns

Excessive Speeding on the Causeway

Traffic Lights--their Timing & Synchronization

Traffic & Delays Caused by Accidents, Construction, etc

The Many Events Held on the Causeway (Marathons, Triathlons, etc.)

3. Safety & Compliance

Parking Issues

Code Compliance – trash, shrubs, neglected properties, etc.

Noise and congestion from parties, sightseeing and party boats

Speeding and traffic enforcement

4. Security Issues and Guardhouse

Guardhouse Operation – Palm or Star

Security from the Water and Water Safety

Speeding on the Islands

Specific Security Concerns (please comment in #8)

5. Concerns about the Port of Miami Tunnel Project currently under construction

Traffic congestion and delays

Construction Delays

Impact on the Environment

Increased Traffic after construction is completed

Other  (please comment in #8)

6. Public Works

The Roadway Project (completion on Star and upcoming this year on Palm & Hibiscus)

Condition of the Streets (potholes, etc.)

Storm Drainage

Park Maintenance and Improvements

Island Beautification, including trees, lighting and landscape

7. What area of service from the City of Miami Beach would you like to have improved

Trash & Garbage Pickup

Enforcement of Code Violations

Improved Landscape Service

Security and Service provided by the Police Department

The Monitoring of Construction Sites

Park Enhancements

Other  (please comment in #8)